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• I have cruised before (yes or no) • If yes: what ship, line, when and destination ____________________________________ • If no: - I’ve always wanted to take a cruise, but ______________________________________ - I’ve never considered a cruise because ________________________________________ • My favorite vacation was _____________________________________________________ • I’ve never taken a vacation, but my fantasy is _____________________________________ • On vacation, the type of lodging I prefer is (Hyatt/Comfort Inn, etc.) __________________ • My interests/hobbies include (reading, skiing, sightseeing tours, spas, etc.) ____________ • My favorite music (contemporary, jazz, western, classical, dance, etc.) is _______________ • I consider myself to be physically active (on a 1-10 scale; 10 being very active) __________ • Smoker/Non-Smoker ________________________________________________________ • My date of birth is __________________________________________________________ • I consider myself to be (outgoing, quiet, independent, adventurous, etc.) _____________ • I’m a citizen of (country) ____________________________________________________ • I have a valid passport: (yes or no) • Special needs: ____________________________________________________________ • Single traveler _____ Have travel companion ______ Would like roommate match _____
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