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Eat Healthy
Slim Cruise Suggestions; Return Home Healthier and Happier! 1. Don’t eat at every possible meal offered. Start your day with a continental breakfast, breakfast in the dining room, the breakfast buffet or our personal favorite; room service – but not all four! Choose the one you’ll most enjoy and that will best meet your dietary needs. 2. Take fruit from the dining room or off the buffet table for between-meal snacks. Because, if you go too long without eating, that innocent cup of afternoon tea can turn into tea sandwiches, cookies and scones. 3. Make special food requests. Ask that a plate of crudités (vegetables) to be put on your table at the start of dinner each night in the dining room. Rolls and butter will be much less tempting that way. Remember the cruise line staff is there to please you. 4. Discuss special dietary needs with the restaurant manager. Can you get lobster tails (with lemon juice, not drawn butter), poached salmon or extra steamed vegetables? 5. Check out the “spa cuisine”. Almost all cruise ships now have a set menu each night featuring healthier and often lower-calorie dishes. 6. Order a double shrimp cocktail for a main dish and a vegetable-based soup or consommé as an appetizer – yes, you can do that! 7. Request a lovely fruit plate for dessert instead of soufflés, pastries or chocolate. But make sure to plan for a few indulgences so that you don’t end up feeling deprived. Simply decide what you’d most like to indulge in before you set sail – desserts, hamburgers and fries from the poolside grill or some options from the midnight chocolate buffet. 8. Log a few laps around the deck, use the stairs all day (instead of the elevators) or spend a few more minutes in the gym on board, if you are getting too many desserts or eating too many courses. 9. Take advantage of the lighter choices at the buffets – tropical fruits, an endless array of cut-up veggies, shrimp, freshly carved turkey breast and so much more. 10. On the ships that offer cooked to order oriental food, on the Lido deck, select the veggies and proteins cooked in little or no oil and skip the greasy, heavy, carb selections. 11. Focus on the endless activities on board – not just the food. If you’re afraid that pre-dinner drinks may lead to too many cocktail nuts, go to a pre-dinner lecture. If the midnight buffet is too tempting, spend the wee hours dancing or at the late night movie. 12. Be active! Take part in morning walks on deck, bike in the gym and dance in the disco. Use the stairs, not the elevator to get from deck to deck, as often as possible. And be sure to stroll around the ports-of-call and take advantage of actively oriented excursions. 13. When you get home brag about the great vacation you had and show off that healthy, slimmer body of yours. Bon Voyage!