Travel Insurance
What's the big deal about travel insurance? Travel Insurance is strongly recommended: Insurance provides protection for the traveler in the event that the trip is cancelled due to certain circumstances. Travel insurance also protects in the event of most medical emergencies, and in some instances, pre-existing medical conditions. Other benefits may include emergency medical evacuation, travel document and ticket replacement assistance, luggage delay or loss reimbursement and legal assistance. CruiseWomen believes it is essential that you carefully weigh your personal situation to evaluate your need for and the type of coverage. In our experience, it's not frequently used, but is reassuring in all cases and economically valuable when needed. A decision to decline insurance requires a written confirmation to CruiseWomen, via e-mail, fax, or letter. A detailed discussion of travel insurance--what it is, when it is needed, when you are covered (or not)--is included under FAQ's. We recommend caution when considering travel insurance with the cruise line. By placing all your eggs in one basket, if you will, some events could cause your coverage to go "poof" as well as well as your cruise. Also, it is common for cruise lines to reimburse with credits instead of cash. If you have a question about the right coverage for you, contact CruiseWomen.
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